We require retail units ranging from 50 m² - 150 m² in inner city and shopping centre locations. We are also willing to look into alternative locations.

Please send details of potential new sites to:


Leipziger Ring 52

D-59558 Lippstadt


+49(0)29 41-28-59-57


+49(0)29 41-28-59-58


+49(0)170-44 58 906


This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


We were able to gain the support of the GARLO PROJEKTMANAGEMENT company for the new concept of BAO ANH.They have guided us from the very beginning of our expansion. The expansion concept, developed by GARLO PROJEKTMANAGENT and the affiliated architecture office, includes:

  • Development of a new facility layout
  • Development of a corporate design (development of a word- / design mark, color design of the entire facility concept, uniform clothing of the employees)
  • Building permission
  • Selection of suitable finishing contractors for the individual structural trades
  • Selection of suitable subcontractors for the different facility components
  • Acquisition of suitable locations
  • Support for the conclusion of fair leases
  • Monitoring and controlling of the finishing contractors and facility companies during the development phase
  • Development Internet presence and manual for marketing